Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome to Lazy Girl Weight Loss!

Hi and welcome to my new blog: Lazy Girl Weight Loss! I created it to share the knowledge I've gained over the past year or so regarding fast, healthy, safe, and (fairly) easy weight loss. Using the same methods I'll share with you on this blog, I was able to lose over 20 pounds of pure body fat while also adding a significant amount of lean, "sexy" muscle and completely transforming my body. And I was able to do all that in a little over 2 months, all without starving myself, torturing myself in the gym, or feeling like crap. Most amazingly (to me at least) the pounds came off relatively easily... in other words, I was able to lose the weight without being hungry all the time, spending hours and hours doing painful exercise, or taking lots of dangerous/expensive fat loss pills.

Why I Started this Blog

Right away, people started noticing and commenting on my dramatic weight loss and new fit-looking body. Several of my friends, family members, and co-workers began grilling me about my "secret" weight loss formula. Most assumed that I had starved the weight off with a typical low-calorie diet. Some were even convinced that I was taking some form of weight loss drug. Almost no one believed that I was able to get the results I achieved just by following a simple, natural eating plan, doing a small amount of super-efficient exercise, and taking a few cheap, natural diet supplements.

I love helping people out so I began to "coach" my sister and a few other friends on the stuff I'd learned, mostly through email. That soon began taking up a little too much of my time, so I decided to just write down everything I knew and put it into a simple, easy-to-follow guide that people could read and share with their friends. Within just a few weeks of mailing out this rough email guide, several people started telling my about their incredible success using my tips. Many were experiencing the same kind of fast, dramatic fat loss results I was able to achieve. That told me that what had worked for me would work for others.

I decided to share my now-"proven" knowledge on a bigger scale by using a web site. I figure a simple blog is probably the easiest and fastest way to get this useful information online. And that's why I'm starting the Lazy Girl blog!

A Little Bit More About Me

My name is Candice, I'm married with 2 kids, and I'm in my mid-30's. I struggled mightily with my weight for over 10 years, "yo yo" dieting my way up and down the scale. I would lose some weight on typical low-fat/low-calorie diets and then gain it all back within a few months. I tried a few cardio-based and "boot camp"-style workout programs but none of them worked very well for me. After every single weight loss attempt I ended up with several more pounds of fat than I had started off with. This was really, really frustrating and it zapped my energy, motivation, and self-confidence big time.

Finally, around the end of 2008, I made the decision to stop playing around and figure how exactly a "lazy girl" like myself could actually succeed at losing weight and keep it off for good. I decided to stop messing around with "quick fix" weight loss solutions that only lead to frustration and find out what really works when it comes to burning off ugly fat and getting a sexy, toned body. After several weeks of intense research, I put together a simple plan that I knew I could stick to. Needless to say, the plan worked... much better than I could have possibly imagined! :-)

I know that my plan, which I'll share on this blog, can work for just about anyone who tries it. So if you want to lose 10 or more pounds of pure fat, add some lean/sexy muscle to your body, and feel great doing it make sure you stick around and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

- Candice